About the Owner

DZHOFplaqueSport Classics, Inc. was founded in 1991 by St. Louis native Richard Zitzmann.
Beginning in 1992, in addition to Sports Classics' business operations, Dick Zitzmann was also the vice president and sales manager for "Stan the Man, Inc.," a company formed by Stan Musial as a sales outlet for an amazing array of sports memorabilia featuring "Stan the Man," including signed baseballs, bats, jerseys, caps, photos and many other unique and unusual Musial and St. Louis Cardinals collectibles. Zitzmann also functioned as Mr. Musial's exclusive business manager until Stan the Man's passing in January of 2013.

In January, 2011 Zitzmann was recognized for his expertise in the sports industry when he was inducted into the Missouri Sports Hall of Fame as a sports executive.

Through the years, Zitzmann has used his business background and expertise to help retired sports stars supplement their income, keep their name and achievements in the public eye and help to satisfy a never-ending desire from fans for sports collectibles and seeing their heroes in person.

Whether you are a sports personality seeking representation, or a sports enthusiast consumer interested in business promotions or addition to a memorabilia collection, contact our office for information on how we can help you with whatever you need!